RECAP: August 2018

Hello everyone!

We hope your Eid-ul Adha has been a bountiful one, and that the month of August brought good tidings to all. It has remained a busy month for us indeed, with September gearing up to be more eventful than ever. Our little Muslim Collective family is nothing without your participation, and we hope that as far as our organisation goes, this remains a safe space where everyone is free to have healthy discussions, connect with other Muslims and improve ourselves in health and faith.

Sydney-siders, take note! In addition to the Discussion Groups, a major highlight is the Symposium at Blacktown! Watch out for the "Symposium - how do we have a conversation about Islam?" held at the Leo Kelly Blacktown Arts Centre this September headed by our very own Iqbal Barkat. Also, keep an eye out for Terrorist/Apostate, also written by Iqbal and performed by Fadi Alameddin, which delves into very complex issues surrounding Islam, identity, and apostasy. Click here and here to learn more about the two events respectively.

Melbourne remains as busy as ever. In addition to the usual fortnightly Quran Discussion Groups and monthly Sunday lunches, we're gearing up for a series of workshops held by our very own Sera Al-Masri on Spirituality and Mental Health (click here for tickets). There is also an event wholly unaffiliated with Muslim Collective that some of you may be interested in about Religion, spirituality & values: fresh perspectives in the climate discussion, which should help us all in rethinking our role in reducing our carbon footprint (link to tickets are here).

Brisbane people keep being a sociable bunch with their dinners and catch ups. Keep an eye out for the next one via Meetup!

Our Canberra members cheered on Bianca "Bam Bam" Elmir when she won her matches down there recently Australian Featherweight title. 

If you guys haven't done so already, join/like the Facebook page, keep up with us on the various Meetup pages (here are the links to Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Brisbane), and follow #waystobemuslim. We would love to connect with you guys on whichever platforms suit you, and look forward to seeing all of you soon (hopefully at one of our Muslim Collective events)! 

Wishing all our members the best in health and faith,
Muslim Collective - Australia

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