RECAP: July 2018

Hello everyone!

July has come and with it, so has the winter chill... at least in certain parts of Australia. It's a great season for winter sports, so we do hope that our members who love the winter sports are taking advantage of the weather! For those who prefer a warmer climate, here's hoping you are keeping nice and warm!

At any rate, we would like to thank everyone for their ongoing participation at our events, and hope that Muslim Collective is becoming the community that all Muslims deserve: a safe space where everyone is free to express their views and to exchange ideas, have healthy discussions and improve ourselves in health and faith.

A major achievement for Muslim Collective was the finalisation of the report for our  "Safe Spaces, Inclusive Services" project (formerly "Embrace"). "Safe Spaces, Inclusive Services" is a qualitative project that aims to identify what needs to be done to make support services more accessible and appropriate for LGBTIQ+ Muslims, done with the engagement of world-renowned researcher, Dr. Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli. We would encourage our members to have a look at the "Safe Spaces, Inclusive Services" webpage here and download the report.

In Sydney our members ended the month of July with a lovely dinner, catching up over Thai food at Time for Thai. For those of you who missed it, keep an eye out for their upcoming events and join the Facebook page here! (Hint: the Quran discussion group in Sydney is coming up soon, on the 6th of August 2018 - see here for more information!)  

In Melbourne, the Quran Discussion groups and Sunday lunches have continued to gain steam. We hope everyone has been enjoying stimulating theological and philosophical discussions around the Quran, among other events. Check out their Meetup page for more information (link below).

Brisbane continues thriving with dinners and socials... the next of which is coming up this week - a dinner and catch up! See here or below for more information! For our lovely readers in Brisbane, don't miss this! #yolo #fomo

Our Canberra members said goodbye to the month of July with a family-friendly dinner at Rashay's, and discussed sci-fi and pop culture, and whether certain elements raised in sci-fi series were sound from and ethical and Islamic perspective. August proves to be a busier month, especially with Bianca "Bam Bam" Elmir coming down to fight for the Australian Featherweight title. Click here and here for more information on how to attend.

We'd love it if you guys join/like the Facebook page, keep up with us on the various Meetup pages (here are the links to Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Brisbane), and follow #waystobemuslim. We would love to connect with you guys on whichever platforms suit you, and look forward to seeing all of you soon (hopefully at one of our Muslim Collective events)! 

Wishing all our members the best in health and faith,
Muslim Collective - Australia

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