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"O humanity, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes so that you may know each other." (The Holy Qur'an)


There is so much misinformation about Islam and Muslims in the media today. In fact, the internet is probably the worst place to learn anything about Islam. As a result of a lot of misinformation and fearful messaging many Australians, some who have not ever met a Muslim, are feeling nervous and unsure about what Islam means and what Muslims believe. To address this, Muslim Collective organises regular 'Meet a Muslim' evenings where people are encouraged to come and engage with a Muslim, ask questions and challenge stereotypes.

We run our 'meet a muslim' sessions in a semi structured way with at least 3 representatives from Muslim Collective and 15 - 30 attendees. We sit in a circle to form a safe space where we briefly introduce ourselves and invite questions about Islam from the audience. To date, we have run these events in collaboration with the Yarra Council, Sea of Faith in Australia, the Leon Baeck Progressive Jewish Centre,  the Uniting Church and more. Get in touch if you are keen to collaborate with us on one of these events!

Our Meet a Muslim program is often a collaboration between Muslim Collective and another organisation, community or council. We currently hold Meet a Muslim events in Melbourne and Canberra and are keen to explore setting them up in Sydney and Brisbane.

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