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What is Muslim Collective?

Muslim Collective is a community of Muslims centred around the progressive values of egalitarianism, feminism, inclusiveness and reason. We aim to build an Islamic community around Australia where people can socialise, discuss, learn and engage with Islam.

what makes muslim collective different?

Muslim Collective is a Australian Muslim organisation that allows YOU to be a part of the conversation. Not just to listen or participate passively, but to lead and to challenge, to converse, to pray and to work together for a more just world. We invite you to come as you are, wherever you are in your faith journey. We just ask that you are respectful of others' views, and demonstrate loving kindness in the way you interact with our members. 

We are not a gender-segregated community. Our discussion groups, outreach activities and social events have a non-hierarchical, participatory culture. 

We love new faces, fresh ideas and energy.  If you're keen to contribute to our vision, we welcome new volunteers across Australia. We are creating an inclusive contemporary Australian Muslim landscape- and you're invited! 

who does muslim collective represent?

We represent Muslims living in Australia who believe in progressive values such as social justice, equality, human rights, environmental rights and animal rights. 

isn't advocating for LGBTIQ+ rights against islam?

At Muslim Collective, we firmly believe that all human beings deserve to live free from discrimination and abuse. We see advocating for LGBTIQ rights as being consistent with Islamic values of justice and compassion and we therefore we support LGBTIQ rights completely. 

do you have an imam who can officiate an interfaith marriage?

Muslim Collective is an Australian grassroots community not attached to any particular denomination, sect or mosque congregation. We are not currently affiliated with any celebrants or marriage-officiating Imams. (If you or someone you know officiates Muslim interfaith marriage in Australia, we are happy to hear from you so that we may pass on your details.)    


How is the Muslim collective funded?

Muslim Collective is funded through a mixture of grants, crowd funding, volunteer donations and community donations. We carefully record and monitor the way our money is received and spent to make sure we keep accountable to our generous supporters and to ensure we run a sustainable and reputable not-for-profit organisation.

isn't muslim collective just dividing the community?

Coming together as a community for love and plurality is important to Muslim Collective, and inclusivity is core to our identity. We believe in genuine grassroots dialogue that's respectful and compassionate to everyone involved, and you're welcome to join us!

i'm not a muslim. Can I become a member or come to events?

Absolutely. We encourage people from all walks of life to join our collective and attend our events. We welcome open discussion, feedback and positive engagement with all.

what's the relationship between muslims for progressive values (MPV) and Muslim collective?

In 2016 we began building our community under the banner of Muslims for Progressive Values (MPV). As a small group we benefited from being part of a larger network, while keeping our legal and financial independence. In 2017 the executive committee, in collaboration with key members and volunteers, decided that it was time to take on our own Australian identity, and so Muslim Collective was born.

where did we source our awesome photos from?

Thanks to all the wonderful photographers that donate their free photos to Unsplash! You can find these photos and much more here.

how can i get involved?.

There are many ways to get involved with! You can become a member, join us a volunteer, sign up to our newsletter, come to our events, or just follow us on Facebook!