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While there have been significant advances in service provision for the LGBTIQ community in Victoria, anecdotal evidence suggests that members of faith communities (in particular Muslim faith) that are LGBTIQ may find it difficult to access these services. Without services to support these individuals (whether in mental health, physical health or community support) LGBTIQ Muslims have a higher risk of self-harm. Services that offer LGBTIQ support are dedicated to providing their services in a non-discriminatory fashion; however in order to do so we need to deepen our understanding of how these services can best be delivered to the diverse LGBTIQ community.

This project aims to do just that. The Muslim Collective has engaged world renowned researcher Dr. Maria Pallotta-Chairolli to undertake a qualitative project talking to LGBTIQ+ Muslims to help identify what needs to be done to make support services more accessible and appropriate for Muslims. 

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