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Our discussion groups are a great opportunity to meet like minded people and talk about topics that interest our members from Qur'anic exegesis to poetry, current affairs to science, literature and art. We engage with the issues of the day from Islamophobia to homophobia, our discussion groups are open to it all. 

If you are keen to come along check out your nearest group. We currently hold groups in Melbourne and Sydney.



Our discussion groups are designed for muslims and non-muslims interested in discussing the message of Islam in an open, thoughtful and non-judgmental way. We are seeking to explore and deepen our understanding of Islam  through critical engagement and thought. At the Muslim Collective we believe that critical thinking, respectful dialogue and engaged listening are essential. Please join us for a stimulating and open discussion in a safe space.

Where: Donkey Wheel House, Melbourne CBD    


The Sydney Muslim Collective is unified by our quest to explore Islamic thought and spirituality through progressive, open-hearted conversation and community. We run regular discussion groups on a variety of topics that are relevant to our daily lives. We're a diverse bunch, and we welcome newcomers from all walks of life. We invite you to drop by, just to say "hello!".


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